The Audiotherapist

Sun-Mi Clyburn

writer | performer | radio host

mental health advocate

Sun-Mi is a multi-talented creative soul based in Perth, Western Australia. She has had a lifelong love affair with the written word and discovered her passion for performing arts in early adolescence. Her belief in human connection being the meaning of life, as well as her fascination for what makes people tick lead her to study Communications, Psychology and Writing at Edith Cowan University. Sun-Mi's current main focus is mental health advocacy through performing arts.



Sun-Mi struggles to answer the question "Where are you from?". She was welcomed into the world in the USA to an African American/Cherokee father and a French mother, raised in Poland, Eastern Europe and was so captivated by sunny Australia that she decided to make Perth her home in 2010. Currently a holder of three passports, she's truly a citizen of the world, which suits her innate nomadic nature.

Coming from a family of avid readers and academics, Sun-Mi was instilled with a passion for education and a thirst for knowledge. To this day she thrives in learning environment. She was also surrounded by music, which eventually lead her to pick up a guitar and sing. Even though she always enjoyed live performance, it was only a few years ago that she discovered a flare for theatre. In 2014 Sun-Mi co-founded Fairly Random Inc., a performing arts company that focused on short theatre and produced a number of evenings of 10-minute plays. Since late 2017 she has dedicated herself to her solo project, Audiotherapy. It started as a stage production for FRINGE WORLD PERTH 2018 and within half a year evolved into a regular radio show and podcast.

Sun-Mi has lived with major depression her entire adult life. She lives with it successfully and it doesn't define her. She wouldn't change a thing, as she considers her condition and the experiences she's had as a result of it to be great teachers; in self-awareness, empathy, relationships and, ironically, happiness.



"In the depths of depression many of us forget the simple law of the universe: nothing ever stays the same. For better or worse, things will change. Hope is the expectation that that change will be for the better.

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