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Clyburn represents a beacon of hope for those struggling in the darkness. A goddess of hope through adversity, her show is extremely powerful; possibly life changing. 



"An equally powerful and vulnerable performance"

★★★★ Dircksey Magazine

"Sun-Mi handles the fragile, intimate subject of depression with a great deal of power. The raw storytelling format makes her narrative even more engaging."

Audiotherapy is a personal account in storytelling and music about depression, taking medication, recovery and relapses, the difference human connection can make and everything in between. It's an intimate, confronting, but also uplifting show, that moves its audiences and makes many question what they know about mental health and illness and encourages them to speak about their own experiences openly and without shame.


FRINGE WORLD first started in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1947 and remains the largest festival of its kind in the world. Perth Fringe is the third biggest, with close to a thousand acts, 3.500 artists and 1 million attendees. The month that Fringe brings Perth to life is Sun-Mi's favourite time of year, when art and live performance are truly celebrated and artists are defined by their passion, not their day jobs. There is a real sense of community among the artists and even the residents of Perth seem happier! #Fringemas

Sun-Mi has performed during Perth Fringe every year since 2015 and in 2018 performed Audiotherapy for the very first time. She plans to take the show to Fringe Festivals around the world in the near future.



audiotherapy in regional wa

1 in 5 of Australians suffer from mental illness in any given year*  and nearly half of the population will experience it in their lifetime. In Australia alone 8 people commit suicide everyday. These statistics are much higher in rural and mining areas, due to isolation, lack of access to resources and the "toughen up princess" mentality.

This is why Sun-Mi is teaming up with Circuit West, as well as councils and performing arts centres all over Western Australia to bring Audiotherapy to regional communities. 

The tour will commence after February 2019. Watch this space to keep up to date.



*Reported cases

On the couch with Circuit West's Andrew Baker / West Australian Showcase / Subiaco Arts Centre

On the couch with Circuit West's Andrew Baker / West Australian Showcase / Subiaco Arts Centre